YINYANG BRINGs fun and fierce female energy

BUT is so sweet you'd still take her home to meet your parents

Hello, it's Yinyang! 

Real name Lauren, I'm from Northern Ireland and I've got to be honest, I'm not sure what genre I am. Maybe I'll have to make one up! I use a cocktail of genres bringing together elements of hiphop, rap, electronic and alt pop. 

Yinyang was born in lockdown 1 in 2020, and I am absolutely loving it. I really hope you do too. 

The project takes heavily from strong, female influences like Little Simz, Sampa The Great and M.I.A, I just love how they speak their mind and are baddies. I also take a lot of influences from film, I think music and film are heavily linked in terms of how we consume them, and my favourite director is Quentin Tarantino so I take a lot of influences from how he shows wit and shameless gore in a single scene, this can be heard in the hard-hitting production and jabbingly, playful lyrics. 

My debut track, Black Mamba, received electric success after being picked up by BBC Radio Ulster and BBC Radio 6 Music via the BBC Introducing Uploader. BBC Radio Ulster’s Introducing show, Across The Line, have been supporters of YINYANG since the beginning, advocating and playing Black Mamba regularly on their show alongside interviews. ATL Introducing labelled YINYANG as one of a select few ‘Artists to Watch in 2021’ after making Black Mamba their Best Song in The World in August 2020. 

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